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About ACA Major Medical Insurance

ACA-qualifying major medical health insurance is a good choice for anyone that is managing a pre-existing or chronic health condition or that otherwise needs a medical plan that provides coverage for the essential health benefits (prescription drugs, preventive care, etc.).

✓ Obtaining Coverage – Enroll during the annual open enrollment period or a qualifying special enrollment period.

✓ Federal Financial Assistance – Apply federal subsidies to reduce premium or out-of-pocket costs.

✓ Coverage – Benefits for ACA essential healthcare services like doctor’s office visits, emergency care, and hospitalization.

✓ Guaranteed Issue – Applicants are not denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions and premium is not based on health status.

✓ No Benefits Limits – No annual or lifetime limits on essential health benefits.

About Short Term Health Insurance

Limited-benefit, temporary health insurance is for individuals and families that are between major medical plans, for example, spouses that aren’t yet eligible for Medicare, and those between jobs.

✓ Nationwide Availability – Available in most states including one of the only short term medical products approved for sale in Minnesota.

✓ Year-Round Sales – Increase your sales and revenue stream with STM products, which are available to enroll year-round in most states.

✓ Next-Day Coverage – As well as coverage effective dates up to 60-90 days in the future in most states.

✓ Duration Limits – Policies last from 30 days to 36 months when choosing an Extend renewable plan. Coverage options and availability varies by state.

✓ Multiple Products, One Bill – Conveniently add additional products to this coverage, such as a critical illness and accident plan.

✓ Pre-existing Conditions Coverage – The only STM option on the market with limited benefits for some pre-existing conditions. No cholesterol or hypertension questions, or tobacco use rating. Pre-existing condition coverage and availability vary by state and by policy option.

✓ Exclusions – STM policies generally do not cover the essential health benefits, pre-existing conditions, and may have other limitations.

About Gap Health Insurance

Supplemental medical gap insurance provides additional lump sum benefits to help with out-of-pocket costs, out-of-network costs, and even to help with the costs of childcare, transportation, and housing.

✓ Deductibles – Lump sum benefits can be paid directly to the customer to use however they want.

✓ Illness + Accident Coverage – Covered conditions include but are not limited to broken bones, life-threatening cancer and heart attack. Benefits are subject to waiting periods and pre-existing conditions exclusions.

✓ Issue – No underwriting questions required.

✓ School Athletes – Get supplemental coverage for athletes as high school sports are not excluded.

About Hospital Indemnity Health Insurance

A hospital stay can be expensive. Hospital insurance provides supplemental indemnity benefits for hospitalization due to a qualifying injury or illness.

✓ Supplement an STM or ACA policy – Get additional hospitalization benefits.

✓ Deductibles – The entire fixed indemnity benefit is paid for a covered claim.

✓ No Network Restrictions – Keep your doctor.

✓ No Coordination of Benefits – Plans pay separately for covered services.

✓ Hit a Benefit Cap – Plan option available with no annual max benefit limit.

✓ Rider – May be added depending on the plan selected. Benefits are subject to pre-existing condition limitations and waiting periods.

About Dental

Good oral health can be an important part of good overall health – and dental coverage can help by increasing access to routine preventive care like checkups and cleanings, and basic procedures, like simple tooth extractions and fillings.

✓ Medical Policies with Dental – Available in most states, including plans for seniors and those under 65.

✓ Waiting Periods – For certain dental care categories like preventive care.

✓ Options – Indemnity + PPO (availability varies by state) get additional savings by staying in-network.

✓ Care + Diagnostics Paid at 100% – With no waiting period – Calendar-year limitations apply.

About Vision Insurance

Particularly for those with compromised vision, families, and older adults, vision insurance may be a good option by helping provide coverage for annual screenings and corrective lenses (glasses or contacts)

✓ Waiting Period – Coverage for services right away.

✓ Underwriting – Available to those up to age 99 and coverage won’t be denied due to age or pre existing conditions.

✓ Insurance or Discounts – Additional hearing coverage or discounts included.

About Telemedicine + Rx Discounts

Health and medical discounts with telemedicine services (not an insurance product) can be a good way to increase convenience and/or savings, especially when paired with a specialty benefits insurance product like a short-term medical plan.


✓ Flexible– Individual, family or child-only coverage options are available.

✓ Underwriting – Everyone is accepted even those with pre existing health conditions.

✓ Waiting Period – Discounts can be used right away.

✓ Convenient – Telemedicine provides 24/7/365 access to board-certified physicians from the comfort of home.

✓ Discounts – Get discounts on prescription drugs (cannot be used in conjunction with health insurance prescription drug coverage).

✓ Promotes Social Distancing + Potential Savings– Stay home from the hospital and still get screened for potentially contagious conditions with mild symptoms.

✓ 0 Consult Fee – On Telemedicine services.

✓ Insurance – Telemedicine, prescription drug card, and discounts are not insurance.


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